Are You Too Busy?

So are you? Are you obsessed with finishing projects? Are you even more obsessed with starting them? I sure am.

But then I remember, I don’t actually have to do anything. Technically, I could crawl into a ball, and let my life burn to the ground while my kids wander aimlessly in plastic bag diapers. I won’t do it… but I have the option!

So keep in mind, you’re never trapped. You always have options. You can put the painting away till you feel more inspired. You can say no to watching that extra child. Place a marker and put the book away half read. Let it go. Even delegate! What do you have to prove and/or lose?

There are many things that an everyday person “has” to do (so you don’t lose everything and live in a box) like going to work, taxes, feeding your family, and putting winter tires on. But when you’re life is becoming complicated, and you’ve got too many personal projects cluttering your home, put them away. These extra things, aren’t they supposed to bring you joy? Make you feel more connected? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your sense of commitment that it takes the sweetness from your day? Is your schedule keeping you from being present?

Just tell yourself, “DUDE, there a lot of things I “have” to do that keep me from living in a box, but this just isn’t one of them.”

Give yourself permission to be the master of your own schedule. Forgive yourself for what you feel like you need to be. Do you even know who you’re trying to be? If so, why? What are you getting out of being so attached?

Exercise healthy detachment. Be mindful of why we do things. Because after all, chasing temporary things in life is a hunger that can never be satisfied. Be kind and don’t judge yourself. Remember, you don’t live more life by accomplishing more things, you live it by experiencing them. Give yourself space to fully experience what you want to do and declutter your schedule.

So be real with yourself. And do us all a favor – go to sleep.

Definition: Multi – pas•sion•ate

The multi-passionate, in short, to be passionate about many things. Fabulous right? To be good at and/or creatively connect with more than one hobby, skill or trade.

But when it comes to finding a niche for your business or career, this trait tends to be a double edged sword. I’ve been there, tried that, and I will continue try till new things till I die. Here are some pros to being multi-passionate.

Yes – you are good at many things, therefore you need to delegate less.

Yes – you can provide your clientele with a large, diverse menu of services.

Yes – you tend to be quite well-rounded

Yes – if one avenue falls through, you have many other talents and services to rely on

But, I wouldn’t doubt that you also face these challenges:

Yes – you are good at many things so you have a hard time delegating, and focusing where your energy needs you the most. You work till you burn out and with no help.

Yes – Okay, so you offer a large diverse menu of services. But you may in turn end up offering:

  1. too many services
  2. many random services which have nothing to do with one another
  3. you have so many services that you lack in a specialty therefore the customer experience is confusing and unmemorable.
  4. lack enough direction be able pick areas to improve your skills (taking workshops, product knowledge classes)

The fact is, whether people realize it or not, I believe we are all multi-passionate. How can we not be? Our inner needs can be met in so many ways.

When I get into something new, which I do all the time, sometimes I need to tell myself to calm my storm and just enjoy it. I think that it comes from a place of lack. Maybe I feel like this happy or this feeling of deep connection will only come around once in a while so I need coin it. But that’s just not the case.

Just because I am reading about meditation doesn’t mean that I now need to quit my life and be part of a Buddhist Monastery. Just because I like to crochet doesn’t mean I need to open up an Etsy store. Just because I attend a weekly yoga class doesn’t mean I have to teach it. I don’t need to have a conventional career but nor do I need to overcompensate by doing something completely impractical. And when you follow your passion you cannot forget to be practical because it is after all – a money making business. Success looks good on everyone, but it shows up in different ways.

And most of all, when it comes to your passion driven business, you owe it your commitment. It can be looked at quite like a marriage actually. Its all well and good when its new, but keeping the passion takes work. Work in the form of gratitude. Business can get stagnant too. You need to sit back, see where you can improve, and love where you are at. Thank the universe for abundance you have received thus far. Being aware of your abundance will only attract more.

So in short, list your talents, pick one that you love the most and makes you money. Others might need to be left for an evening with wine or a personal blog and that is okay. If someone is paying you well for your talents, you can tailor your business to cater to your strengths and inner needs. Your strengths make your business individual. And most importantly, be grateful and the fire will never die.

WEEKLY QUOTE: Our Deepest Fear

This is a quote from Marianne Williamson’s poem called, “Our Deepest Fear.” Shine bright this week. You’re doing everyone a favor by doing so.

As we let our own light shine,

we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fears, our presence automatically liberates


 – Marianne Williamson

Weekly Quote: Love Without Judgement

I heard this during Robert Holden’s “Shift Happens” audio course. It has changed the way I view my “bad” feelings…that with a little mindfulness, I can find love. I  plan on keeping this one close to me at all times…

Fear, without judgement, is love.

Anger, without judgement, is love.

Guilt, without judgement, is love.

Depression, without judgement, is love.

Jealousy, without judgement, is love.

Hate, without judgement, is love.

Anxiety, without judgement, is love.

Sadness, without judgement, is love.

Pain, without judgement, is love.

Love, without judgement, is love.

– Robert Holden, P.h.D.