MAC Full Coverage Foundation Review

I really enjoy this foundation for several different reasons but there are still a few things about it that keep it at arms length. Its just a few traits away from being one of my holy grail products. But I feel if you  maybe had slightly oilier skin then you’d be able to make this work a little better for you. It sounds weird but I’ll tell you why.

I personally, LOVE and truly favor cream based foundations over liquids. I find that they work with all skin types. And with a concentrated pigment and less filler I find it creates a result that looks like skin. I decided to give this one a go when I saw it on a Wayne Goss video. I really didn’t even think it existed until he spoke about it as it’s a pro product and not available in stores. I believe Mac Full Coverage has got less color range than the regular mineralize cream based line Mac has in store but the colors are more sophisticated. The olives and the yellows are really pretty in this line.

What I love about it:

  • SUPER Full coverage. Probably the best for covering acne scarring, bright red blemishes – ever. And it covers even without a color corrector. LOVE this about it. I feel like it is wonderful especially for my brides.
  • It looks like skin, and if you apply it with a damp beauty blender or with a bit of oil you’ll get a really dewy beautiful finish. With this application you can place it on sparingly for a daytime look or for a dramatic flawless evening look.
  • As previously mentioned, I really like the the color range. The NC is great for olive and yellow toned and the NW is not overly pink. Its great, someone can pick up a few and blend and create beautiful high end colors for anyone.
  • A little goes a long way. You can use them as a concealer as well (which I do) as I also have the MAC Full Coverage Palette in “Light” for my clients.

Reasons I don’t reach for it everyday:

  • TRANSFER. This foundation is prone to smearing. I’ve also added oil to it and its created such a GORGEOUS glowy strobing look. Great for photos but not for daily life. Either you wear a doggy cone around your neck or you’re going to get finger prints on the face. If you’re a makeup artist and you have a air brush machine, you could reap all the fabulous coverage from this foundation then seal it in with a final airbrush layer.
  • For Normal to dry skin. It doesn’t do the best job in flattering the skin texture. It does tend to go in the creases of the skin texture, dry foreheads, sides of the nose, pores. You could combat this with Benefit’s Porefessional and by adding a bit of oil.

***And this is where the oil is a double edged sword because it just becomes that much more prone to smearing. But if you had very moist and oilier skin, the foundation wouldn’t catch and you could afford to powder those spots.

So I love having this foundation around for my clients, for a badass concealer, but for me, I have to really play with it. And if I don’t have time to kind of feel out the climate of my face with this foundation, I usually just grab my reliable foundations.

Let me know your experiences with the MAC Full Coverage!

Leslie Cole

MAC Studio Sculpt Review

So I’ve been using this foundation on and off for about a few months now. At first I loved it…then I hated it…continued to hate it…put it away…and now I love it!

So lets start with what I love about the Studio Sculpt:

  • Great for normal to dry skin
  • Gives a luminous, dewy glow while still setting
  • No annoying transfer
  • Super full coverage without a cakey look at all
  • The NC line is actually warm enough and not too pink (unlike the prolongwear)
  • Long wearing

Why I stopped using it:

  • It oxidized bright orange…

Basically this was my everything foundation until I looked into my vehicle mirror 30 min out the door. This is why I set it aside for a while. I kept playing around with different primers and things like that. I finally discovered that because this is such a nourishing, moisturizing foundation, that ANY EVEN SLIGHT excess oil from a moisturizer will oxidize it in a flash. If I moisturize I have to make sure it was hours before I applied makeup. What I use now as a primer/ moisturizer, is the Men’s Nivea Shaving Balm. Its super fast drying. I’ve been in love with it ever since I’ve seen Nikki Tutorials use it in her vids. Amaze. I haven’t even tried pairing it with a liquid luminizer, I’m quite scared to to be honest because I just don’t have time to turn orange. So I stick with powder luminzers. So if you are even SLIGHTLY oily, or combination. Don’t even bother. But if you are super dry to normal this is for you. I absolutely love it. I tend to like to use full coverage cream foundations and this one is a beautiful breath of fresh air.

Makeup Artist Initiate Series: Do’s & Don’t

For the month of June, I’m going to dedicate my weekly blog posts to all my budding makeup artists out there. I remember being on my laptop night and day trying to prepare and educate myself for the next step in my Makeup Artistry business. But I think we can all agree that in this business, almost all of your wisdom is received by doing makeup. I find that that’s the funnest thing about it. It’s immediately rewarding. I work hard, dream, create – and the results are right in front me.

If this is the career for you, I have good news for you…

You’ll have a hard time being stagnant. I learn so much while being in the process even if it’s the thousandth time I’ve done it. My attention to detail and perfectionism (which I guarantee you have too) focuses in on my work and shows me where I need to improve and where I am on point.

Should I do something I don’t like, I’ll keep note and stay clear of repeating it in the future. Likewise during the process, I find a lot of shortcuts and different ways to make my work more efficient and flawless. And this is where my series comes in.

I know what it’s like to start from ground zero. Not too long ago I was dreaming of my would be career, watching Wayne Goss on YouTube. Not only did I come from a blank slate for professional Makeup Artistry but I carried with me such a deep respect for the industry that my self esteem crumbled under the weight of it. I had a deep need to bust out of my shell and do something I felt in my bones.

But alas there is always someone guarding the bridge you’re about to cross. I like to think of that fear-based voice in my head like a… mystical midget version of myself guarding the bridge. She means well, she stands in front of my road to happiness and she’s kind of an a-hole. My midget would list out my limiting beliefs in order to jab me back:

  •  I’m not knowledgeable or know cool tricks. I won’t be able to pull it off.
  •  I’m not in the inner circle of the beauty industry, I’ll never get the know how of what the best brands are and I’ll always be one step behind. (I decided to go get certified before officially launching my Makeup Artistry business, though I now like to think my career officially started at age 13).
  • It wasn’t my first career. Will anyone take me seriously? (I was an accounting major before I took Makeup Artistry)

Well I have news for you, though that little voice may share some truth – but I say “So what – now what brah?” What next? None of these are reasons to really off set my happiness. And yes career choice is a huge source of happiness – WHY? Because next to sleeping it’s what you spend most of your time doing so it better damn  well wet your whistle.

So when you hear these verbal walls going up in your head, ask yourself:

  • Are these even my truths? (They could be your parents, siblings, husband, ex-boyfriend, previous employer)
  • Is this the only truth? There are so many other angles to focus on.
  • Do you still want this to be your truth? Beliefs are very transparent in a person despite your poker face.
  • How have you already or will prove this belief wrong?

If you’re mystical midget also seems to be chiming in on the same song mine once was, I’m here to comfort you. I will be your loop into the beauty industry. I’m going to share useful knowledge to help you with your everyday routine. And the second you do Makeup Artistry, you are a Makeup Artist. What level you take it to is totally up to you.

So I hope my “Makeup Artist Initiate Series” inspires you to try new things and bust some mystical midgets! It’s your time to find your place in this wonderful industry. During each post, I will outline an important “Do” and “Don’t.” Feel free to comment or message to get your topics addressed during the series.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Next week’s “Do’s & Don’t” is on the topic of foundation products for your kit.

Jamaican Destination Wedding (February 1, 2015)





This is just a sneak peak of the shots taken at my last wedding. I flew to beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica and did the makeup for my bride Amy, her 2 bridesmaids and her mother. For the most part of our stay it was rather cloudy, and some windy days but on the big day, the clouds separated and BOY did that Jamaican sun beat through. It was a stunning ceremony at the Iberostar Resort. It was such an honor to be a part of Amy and Ryan’s special day and I wish them well in their years to come.

Photos: Stolen Moments Photography by Jadie (

CHI Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

I was packing for Jamaica (AHH I know 3 days till we fly!) and I was packing my mini bottles of CHI Volumizing shampoo & conditioner and I thought, I’d take a mental break and give you a tiny little review on HOW MUCH, I love this product.


Okay, so we hear a lot about thin hair accumulating too much oil, or having less than a handful to work with but what about the girls – like myself who have HEAVY hair which seems to fall flat and create a helmet head? And with having lots of hair, I feel like there are a lot of places for oil to hide. I’ve tried Moroccan Oil Volume collection (crippling price by the way), and the Bed Head set. This is my all time favourite right now. I found the Moroccan Oil and Bed Head created a lot of build up and this is not the case at all. I just feel like my roots are clean, the hairs are separated and just all around lift. Plus you can buy it Winners or Marshalls for $16 CAD/ bottle (and I mean zee BIG bottles). All around love! I have volume that lasts for days. If you’ve tried it let me know your thoughts!

DIY Demi Lashes


Why pay full price for demi lashes? Don’t be a foo! I myself have to resist the habit of grabbing them like packs of gum while I stroll through the makeup aisle. $5-15 at a time here and there MULTIPLE times on trips to the drugstore, online and esthetic supply store… shit adds up! Which in my case, is totally ridiculous considering I hardly wear fakies. I feel like I’m the only Makeup Artist who doesn’t wear fake lashes but I just never gave myself the chance to truly get used to the feeling (Workin’ on it!). You’ll notice I don’t usually wear any in my makeup looks (no matter how much I need them eep!).

SO this all began when my younger sister bought this 20 pair set of lashes off of ebay for, I kid you not, something like $1 plus free shipping from Hong Kong. She used a few then got bored of them, gave them to me… THEN I got bored of them, and then cut them in half (TA-DAH!) – Demi lashes. With the 15 pairs I now potentially have 30 pairs of demi lashes! BAM bang for your buck. Generally companies hardly knock down the price for demi lashes. I know Ardell charges almost the exact same for their demi’s as their full sets.

***Keep in mind, that for best results, the lashes should have a symmetrical design with the longest lashes gathered in the center of the row.


I find demi lashes the most comfortable to wear. The inner portion of my eye is quite small and congested so when I blink I really feel it’s presence especially when the rim is more of a hard plastic rather than a softer line. So if you’ve got some fakies lying around, try it out and cut them in half! They give you a beautiful angled lash look perfect to pair with a cat eye.

Hope you enjoyed the post and leave a comment with your thoughts!


Lots of love,


Burgundy Smokey Eye ♡ NYX Cream Eyeshadow

Burgundy EyeI created this super romantic look perfect for sexy date night. I used the NYX Cream Eyeshadow in “Chestnut” for that beautiful burgundy wine color. I will post a full product review on this one as well as the NYX Roll on Glitter Product. I aimed to use really affordable products this time cus I’m a cheapass and LOVE finding those well priced gems. If you like this look and you want to see a tutorial on how to create it, leave a comment below ♡.

Products Used:

  • NYX Cream Eyeshadow “Chestnut”
  • Coastal Scents Sleek Contour Palette for Crease/Blending Colors
  • Sephora Anthology Eyeshadow Palette – Soft Black, dark Burgundy, matte ivory
  • The Face Shop “Design My Eyebrows” Brow Pencil
  • FACE it Extreme Eyeliner Pen
  • MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil “Engraved”
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara

Lots of Love,


MOTD ♡ Maui Wowie!


This look was inspired by Promise Phan’s Adriana Lima Transformation. It was the very first Promise Phan video I watched AGES ago and you can watch it right hither:

I remember watching this video when I first went back to work at the office. It was my first office job outside working for my husband’s company. And it was the domino effect that really set off my love for makeup bloggers, and then very quickly turned into me enrolling into my Makeup Artistry certification program. If you haven’t watched her transformation videos, DO IT UP. This chick takes contouring to a whole new level. If you ever feel like you need a nose job or facial implants, just watch her videos. Beginner or not, it’ll teach you. She’s the bomb dot com.

This look uses the Urban Decay Ammo Palette. One of my all time favourite eyeshadow colors is “Maui Wowie” which is a muted shimmery green. It is such an interesting color to use instead of the typical shimmery cream. AND Urban Decay eyeshadows can be worn wet & dry. (YAYY!!)


Products Used:

  • Urban Decay Ammo Palette “Maui Wowie” & “Smog”
  • Sephora soft matte black eyeshadow
  • FACE it Extreme Eye liner pen
  • Milani 12 hr Shadow Eyez “Winter White”
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara
  • Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette “Heaven” & “Nudie”
  • Lashes are from eBay they feel a little out of control for my taste but I’m trying to just use them up.

Hope you loved the look! Leave me a message with your thoughts. If you try the look out be sure to leave a link to a picture of it so I can see!

Lots of Love,


Everyday Makeup Look ♡ : Warm Copper Eye


Feature Product:

Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base

Absolutely loved this product. No creasing, long wearing without a primer (as it is also a base) with a vibrant color. My favourite part about this cream eyeshadow is that it glides on thin but carries a high pigmentation. Not cakey, and did not crust or anything yucky. What a gem – 10 out of 10. Will be purchasing more soon. “Frothe” & “Orchid Haze” look delissshhh.

Tini Beauty Spiced Rum

Other Products Used:

  • Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation (you’re a natural) + MAC Pro Longwear (NC20)
  • Makeup-Designory Loose Powder – Buttercream
  • FACE it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil – NB21
  • High Lighter Beam by The Face Shop
  • Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer – Summer Kiss
  • Sephora Powder Blush – Orange Punchy Sunbaked
  • Milani Shadow Eyez Matte Limited Edition – Almond
  • Sephora Waterproof Contour 12hr Eye Pencil – 06 Blonde Ambition
  • MAC Eyeshadow – Carbon
  • Maybelline The Rocket Volume Mascara
  • Tarte Brow Powder – Blonde

 Lots of Love,


MOTD ♡ A Hint of Blue




  • Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation + MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
  • M.U.D. Loose Powder – Buttercream
  • Coastal Scents Sleek Contour Palette
  • Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette
  • Sleek Makeup iDivine Eyeshadow Palette – Original (Indigo Shimmer)
  • Sleek Makeup iDivine Eyeshadow Palette – Au Naturelle (Matte Ivory)
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Maui Wowie
  • Too Faced Eyeshadow – Nudie
  • MAC Blush – Margin
  • High Lighter Beam by The FACE shop
  • NYX Matte Lip Cream – London