MAC Full Coverage Foundation Review

I really enjoy this foundation for several different reasons but there are still a few things about it that keep it at arms length. Its just a few traits away from being one of my holy grail products. But I feel if you  maybe had slightly oilier skin then you’d be able to make this work a little better for you. It sounds weird but I’ll tell you why.

I personally, LOVE and truly favor cream based foundations over liquids. I find that they work with all skin types. And with a concentrated pigment and less filler I find it creates a result that looks like skin. I decided to give this one a go when I saw it on a Wayne Goss video. I really didn’t even think it existed until he spoke about it as it’s a pro product and not available in stores. I believe Mac Full Coverage has got less color range than the regular mineralize cream based line Mac has in store but the colors are more sophisticated. The olives and the yellows are really pretty in this line.

What I love about it:

  • SUPER Full coverage. Probably the best for covering acne scarring, bright red blemishes – ever. And it covers even without a color corrector. LOVE this about it. I feel like it is wonderful especially for my brides.
  • It looks like skin, and if you apply it with a damp beauty blender or with a bit of oil you’ll get a really dewy beautiful finish. With this application you can place it on sparingly for a daytime look or for a dramatic flawless evening look.
  • As previously mentioned, I really like the the color range. The NC is great for olive and yellow toned and the NW is not overly pink. Its great, someone can pick up a few and blend and create beautiful high end colors for anyone.
  • A little goes a long way. You can use them as a concealer as well (which I do) as I also have the MAC Full Coverage Palette in “Light” for my clients.

Reasons I don’t reach for it everyday:

  • TRANSFER. This foundation is prone to smearing. I’ve also added oil to it and its created such a GORGEOUS glowy strobing look. Great for photos but not for daily life. Either you wear a doggy cone around your neck or you’re going to get finger prints on the face. If you’re a makeup artist and you have a air brush machine, you could reap all the fabulous coverage from this foundation then seal it in with a final airbrush layer.
  • For Normal to dry skin. It doesn’t do the best job in flattering the skin texture. It does tend to go in the creases of the skin texture, dry foreheads, sides of the nose, pores. You could combat this with Benefit’s Porefessional and by adding a bit of oil.

***And this is where the oil is a double edged sword because it just becomes that much more prone to smearing. But if you had very moist and oilier skin, the foundation wouldn’t catch and you could afford to powder those spots.

So I love having this foundation around for my clients, for a badass concealer, but for me, I have to really play with it. And if I don’t have time to kind of feel out the climate of my face with this foundation, I usually just grab my reliable foundations.

Let me know your experiences with the MAC Full Coverage!

Leslie Cole

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