Okay, so for the first time in my life, I feel like I can chill about my eyeliner. I’ve used every primer on the market, and I constantly have the most chopped up faded eyeliner of all time. I have slightly hooded, oily, asian eyes. Eyeliner tends to flake right off or just have holes of missing product from my eyes opening and creasing the makeup. Nothing ever lasted. TILL the Nars Eye Paint in Black Valley “angel choir singing.”

Why I love, love, L♡VE it:

  • LONG LASTING. Most especially with Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer or just layering a Mac Paint Pot with a nude eyeshadow as a base.
  • Creamy. It glides really smoothly when I apply it with my angled brush. It doesn’t catch the skin and make really dotty lines.
  • Its SUPER black. Blackest I’ve ever used. Enough said.
  • I’ve heard people saying its wetter than other gel liners but I feel like this is how all gel liners should be. Its really not any wetter than the Maybelline Gel liner but it stays that creamy THE WHOLE TIME you own it. Versus it being all perfect for the first week, and dried out and harder to glide as you go along. I’ve had that problem with Mac Black track liner. I found it dried out to a texture that I didn’t enjoy using way too quickly.
  • Clearly waterproof as I usually end up a drippy mess in my under eye with every other eyeliner. But for some reason its not hard to wash off at the end of the night. It kind of just blows me away.

Why I don’t like it:

  • I got nothing I’m in love

If I remember correctly its something like $30 ish CAD but its 110% worth it. Its summer. I can do my cat eye and sweat and not feel self conscious. Anyone with oily lids, or hooded eyes, this is where it’s at.

Till Next time!!

Leslie Cole

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