MAC Studio Sculpt Review

So I’ve been using this foundation on and off for about a few months now. At first I loved it…then I hated it…continued to hate it…put it away…and now I love it!

So lets start with what I love about the Studio Sculpt:

  • Great for normal to dry skin
  • Gives a luminous, dewy glow while still setting
  • No annoying transfer
  • Super full coverage without a cakey look at all
  • The NC line is actually warm enough and not too pink (unlike the prolongwear)
  • Long wearing

Why I stopped using it:

  • It oxidized bright orange…

Basically this was my everything foundation until I looked into my vehicle mirror 30 min out the door. This is why I set it aside for a while. I kept playing around with different primers and things like that. I finally discovered that because this is such a nourishing, moisturizing foundation, that ANY EVEN SLIGHT excess oil from a moisturizer will oxidize it in a flash. If I moisturize I have to make sure it was hours before I applied makeup. What I use now as a primer/ moisturizer, is the Men’s Nivea Shaving Balm. Its super fast drying. I’ve been in love with it ever since I’ve seen Nikki Tutorials use it in her vids. Amaze. I haven’t even tried pairing it with a liquid luminizer, I’m quite scared to to be honest because I just don’t have time to turn orange. So I stick with powder luminzers. So if you are even SLIGHTLY oily, or combination. Don’t even bother. But if you are super dry to normal this is for you. I absolutely love it. I tend to like to use full coverage cream foundations and this one is a beautiful breath of fresh air.

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