Are You Too Busy?

So are you? Are you obsessed with finishing projects? Are you even more obsessed with starting them? I sure am.

But then I remember, I don’t actually have to do anything. Technically, I could crawl into a ball, and let my life burn to the ground while my kids wander aimlessly in plastic bag diapers. I won’t do it… but I have the option!

So keep in mind, you’re never trapped. You always have options. You can put the painting away till you feel more inspired. You can say no to watching that extra child. Place a marker and put the book away half read. Let it go. Even delegate! What do you have to prove and/or lose?

There are many things that an everyday person “has” to do (so you don’t lose everything and live in a box) like going to work, taxes, feeding your family, and putting winter tires on. But when you’re life is becoming complicated, and you’ve got too many personal projects cluttering your home, put them away. These extra things, aren’t they supposed to bring you joy? Make you feel more connected? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your sense of commitment that it takes the sweetness from your day? Is your schedule keeping you from being present?

Just tell yourself, “DUDE, there a lot of things I “have” to do that keep me from living in a box, but this just isn’t one of them.”

Give yourself permission to be the master of your own schedule. Forgive yourself for what you feel like you need to be. Do you even know who you’re trying to be? If so, why? What are you getting out of being so attached?

Exercise healthy detachment. Be mindful of why we do things. Because after all, chasing temporary things in life is a hunger that can never be satisfied. Be kind and don’t judge yourself. Remember, you don’t live more life by accomplishing more things, you live it by experiencing them. Give yourself space to fully experience what you want to do and declutter your schedule.

So be real with yourself. And do us all a favor – go to sleep.

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