CHI Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

I was packing for Jamaica (AHH I know 3 days till we fly!) and I was packing my mini bottles of CHI Volumizing shampoo & conditioner and I thought, I’d take a mental break and give you a tiny little review on HOW MUCH, I love this product.


Okay, so we hear a lot about thin hair accumulating too much oil, or having less than a handful to work with but what about the girls – like myself who have HEAVY hair which seems to fall flat and create a helmet head? And with having lots of hair, I feel like there are a lot of places for oil to hide. I’ve tried Moroccan Oil Volume collection (crippling price by the way), and the Bed Head set. This is my all time favourite right now. I found the Moroccan Oil and Bed Head created a lot of build up and this is not the case at all. I just feel like my roots are clean, the hairs are separated and just all around lift. Plus you can buy it Winners or Marshalls for $16 CAD/ bottle (and I mean zee BIG bottles). All around love! I have volume that lasts for days. If you’ve tried it let me know your thoughts!

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