DIY Demi Lashes


Why pay full price for demi lashes? Don’t be a foo! I myself have to resist the habit of grabbing them like packs of gum while I stroll through the makeup aisle. $5-15 at a time here and there MULTIPLE times on trips to the drugstore, online and esthetic supply store… shit adds up! Which in my case, is totally ridiculous considering I hardly wear fakies. I feel like I’m the only Makeup Artist who doesn’t wear fake lashes but I just never gave myself the chance to truly get used to the feeling (Workin’ on it!). You’ll notice I don’t usually wear any in my makeup looks (no matter how much I need them eep!).

SO this all began when my younger sister bought this 20 pair set of lashes off of ebay for, I kid you not, something like $1 plus free shipping from Hong Kong. She used a few then got bored of them, gave them to me… THEN I got bored of them, and then cut them in half (TA-DAH!) – Demi lashes. With the 15 pairs I now potentially have 30 pairs of demi lashes! BAM bang for your buck. Generally companies hardly knock down the price for demi lashes. I know Ardell charges almost the exact same for their demi’s as their full sets.

***Keep in mind, that for best results, the lashes should have a symmetrical design with the longest lashes gathered in the center of the row.


I find demi lashes the most comfortable to wear. The inner portion of my eye is quite small and congested so when I blink I really feel it’s presence especially when the rim is more of a hard plastic rather than a softer line. So if you’ve got some fakies lying around, try it out and cut them in half! They give you a beautiful angled lash look perfect to pair with a cat eye.

Hope you enjoyed the post and leave a comment with your thoughts!


Lots of love,


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