Makeup With Glasses



Generally, with everyday makeup (especially) I like to pick one focal point to put that big pop of color. Now with glasses, the frames whether they’re thin or thick framed, will always add some congestion to the eye area. Because of this, we want to make the base as flawless as possible to make sure we create clean, beautiful space on the face. And most importantly, carefully define the eyes so they do not disappear behind your glasses. Below are a list of my tips on how create beautiful looks while learning to balance your makeup with glasses:

Tip #1: Eyeliner

Use eyeliner. Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner! Liquid, kohl, gel, black, brown, grey – USE it. You want to accentuate your eyes as they tend to get shrouded behind the lenses most especially if you’ve got either smaller eyes or thicker frames. So an easy go-to could be some lightly smudged kohl or a sultry little cat eye.

Tip #2: Mascara

Don’t be afraid to use mascara – it does make a difference. It’ll add that definition & pop!

Tip #3: Eyeshadow

If you choose to use eyeshadow, use matte colors. Using matte colors will add that drama and dimension while keeping it neutral enough to go with your glasses. Keep it simple. Matte highlight, some creamy, matte taupe in the crease and add some brown/black to smoke out your eyeliner. Using a shimmery color on the inner corners is nice but using too much of them all over your eye makeup adds a lot of crowding to the area. Between looking at the glasses then wearing a disco ball smokey eye…it can be very busy and distracting. Evening makeup + glasses – its a lot.

Tip #4: Focal Point

Pick your focal point for that pop of color. Though we have kept the eyes neutral and matte, there’s still a lot going on over there SO we want to pick between lips & cheeks for our pop of color. Examples: 1) Glowy cheeks (use a nearly translucent/skin colored baked blush) with a pop of hot pink or orange matte blush stippled over it paired with a nude lip gloss. 2) Nude pink blush with light contouring with some vampy dark, brick red or purple lipstick.

Tip #5: Flawless base

You can use the foundation coverage that you like best but be sure to use concealer. Those little spots or imperfections are going to crowd your face more, as the amount of clean space is lessened while wearing your specs. Be sure to take that tiny concealer brush or lip brush (my fave) to paint over those little spots and add that triangle highlight underneath the eyes to further open that area.

Tip #6: Natural Contouring

Keep the Contouring natural so stick to a light matte bronzer maybe one or two shades darker than your natural skin color. Again we are keeping conscious of overcrowding. A light powder will do the trick and will keep the look seamless without drawing the attention in too many directions. And again, triangle highlight the under eye (over the concealer), the bridge of the nose, and the center of the forehead, cupid’s bow, & lightly on the chin. I love a highlighting powder for this, if you don’t have one, do not fret! Simply use a very light cream colored eyeshadow. It does the exact same thing.

Tip #7: Brows

I live by clean brows but in this case you might want to think of them as an extension of your glasses. I truly feel that unkept/undone brows take the look from “Lounging Around” to “Open for Business.” I think I have pretty decent brows to begin so just using a wax is a beautiful natural look. But when I add that bit of brow powder to perfect that crisp line at the end and heighten that arch, its a “BAM!” sexy cleopatra moment and I’m a WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN!


Lots of Love,


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