ULTIMATE Neutral Palette: Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection


What is neutral to you? Generally when we think neutral we just think of browns, and skin tones, no? Not as simple as we might think, though. The perfect neutral eyeshadow would be a color neither here nor there that goes with everything. I personally have struggled with using neutral eyeshadows most of my life. I was under the impression that everything earthy was neutral – not so. Because I was blind to tone which comes in warm, cool AND neutral, I ended picking browns most pleasing to my eye but coincidentally made me look I was married to an angry drunk.

With Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow, you can take it anywhere, anytime, for anyone and you will not go wrong.

Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino designed the Natural Eyes Palette as the must-have solution for women who want to create a natural-looking eye appropriate for every day. – Sephora

It has 3 rows of 3. The eyeshadows worn in horizontal fashion are a perfect combination of matte and shimmery colors. The 3 looks created by each row are called Day, Classic, and Fashion. The last colors of each row are the darkest, combine them and you can create the most yummy chocolate smokey club makeup. They are creamy powders, very easily blended and are quite long lasting. If you’re looking for a quick, reliable and travel friendly solution to neutrals eyeshadows, I would definitely go with Too Faced Natural Eye.


ToofacedpooterDat’s my kitty phone. His name is Pooter.

And its funny because it seems like everyone and their dog owns the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I find that the Naked Palette is for warmer skin tones, Naked 2 is for a cooler, Naked 3 is just a palette resembling a California pink sunset, and of course Naked Basics. I actually love Naked Basics, by the way, because it has a neutral, warm and cool light colored eyeshadow AND a matte taupe & black. (ALSO another perfect mini makeup bag essential). For a makeup junkie like myself who has the burden of too many choices (who spends more time picking colors than putting the damn things on? – DIS GIRL), when I pack or am in a rush, I need an eyeshadow palette that is straight to the point and won’t disappoint. And MOST of all, won’t inspire me to spend more money due to its lacking (HA! As if I’ll ever stop). And if I bought one of the naked palettes I would need ALL of them simply because I would use some of the shades in each. If I picked certain shades out of all of them THEN that would be the perfect Naked Palette. I’d call it….Naked Prime.


TooFacedCollage1I created this look by using Sexpresso (LOVE saying that word) on my base, blending Chocolate Martini into the crease, then softly buffing out any harsh lines with Nude and used Heaven as my highlight. Did a little wing with my LIN-AH. On my bottom I went over my liquid liner and used Chocolate Martini to smoke out my bottom lash line.




– Long Lasting

– Gorgeous color selection

– TRUE Neutral

– Creamy & Blendable


– NOT MUCH for Cons but could’ve done SLIGHTLY better on the pigmentation. Honestly, I do think the pigmentation is still very vivid and wonderful but they’re just slightly less than having melodic angels sing in the background as I apply it without a primer. Heaven (the white highlight color) is pretty dull but I’m sure that’s done so you don’t have stark white brow bones. Maybe I’m just being a snob but I’d like to at least be given the option to have stark white brow bones (I’ll stop now). The gold is just melting with color and chocolate martini – THAT one I hear angels sing. Beautiful results with a primer though so again really not much of a con.



Meh it’s average. The palette retails for $45 CAD. Typical stuff. I can’t really complain because if I break it down thats $5 per eyeshadow. In fact, I probably could rate it higher but I’m a cheap ass.



– GORGEOUS compact packaging with a good sized mirror (I’m such a suckuh-foo for pretty packaging).

– Love that its a tin box. It makes me feel better about traveling with it.

– 3 Rows are organized by looks so getting ready is a no brainer.

– I don’t feel the need to pack any other palettes or eyeshadows once that is packed.

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