My Sweet Angel Girl Gets Baptized


Today, my sweet little darling girl was Christened. I remember 4 years ago when our first son was baptized, I was such a young mother and I was so enraptured by the moment. I thought I’d never forget what it felt like. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how quickly time flies and how their sweet little fingers seem to pull away from you as they go off on their own. Mainly to his father and Lala (My mother)… Daddy has all the toys and Lala….it’s just Lala…

I won’t make the same mistake again. I’ve even saved her dried up umbilical cord. I don’t care if it’s weird. One day, when I’m rich and lonely I’ll be able to make little clone babies of her. But for today, I enjoy her tiny little feet, her chubby fingers, and all the love that goes with it. Happy Christening my sweet daughter. I love you.



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