Drugstore Foundation Showdown: L’Oreal True Match VS. Maybelline Fit Me

FoundationshowdownI’ve been hearing non-stop rave reviews about these 2 drugstore foundations. Being a die hard Lauren Curtis fan I UH-COURSE bought the L’Oreal True Match. Then later on, I started seeing the Maybelline Fit Me foundation pop up in a lot of my fave Asian Makeup vloggers. What really inspired the showdown was the price of the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I purchased it at my local drugstore for $9 CAD. Could the cheapie compare to the cult favourite? VEE SHALL SEE!

First up! On this corner, sitting at 1 FL OZ and 30 mL……


This is a gorgeous foundation. It is a medium to full coverage. You can easily stipple on a light layer for a medium coverage or apply as usual to achieve a beautiful full coverage. For how pigmented and full coverage, the consistency is surprisingly thin but not watery. It blends very, very well and it dries at a good speed. If you wanted to do some contouring with a concealer palette its a wonderful texture of foundation to do so with.

With L’Oreal True Match you can achieve that FULL coverage look with only maybe one or two (on those stubborn areas) light layers without  looking cakey. You get a matte finish without that lifeless powdery look while still maintaining a beautiful subtle glow.

There’s a large color range with cool, neutral, and warm tones. Yet its colors are the component I am most disappointed with. The line is still very peachy and pink. Even in the warm tones it is peach (not as bad as other drugstore lines but still peach) so be aware just how pink the cool is. L’Oreal sells a completely different color palette in the UK which actually has more golden undertones. So much to my dismay, I went and purchased the W4 hoping to have the same shade as Lauren Curtis but alas mine is still very peach in comparison. So when it comes to the color range, I’m not too impressed and almost see it a tad pointless having cool, neutral, warm when in reality its just pink, peachier, and peach…Hardly much of a difference in tone.

Tru Match copy


4 out of 5


– Wonderful finish

– Long lasting

– Super blendable

– Amazing full coverage while being very light


– Disappointing color range despite its many options – very peach.

– Formulation of course isn’t the utmost best (like quite a few drugstore foundations). I have pink rosacea areas on the sides of my jawline and they were definitely more irritated looking when I removed my foundation at the end of the day.


3.75 out of 5

I purchased the product for about $14.99 CAD. Its about the mid-range price for drug store foundation and at the typical 30 ml size.


4 out of 5


The finish is a perfect balance of both matte with a slight glow.  I found because of the soft matte finish I can get away without putting a setting powder (but I do anyways because I am a creature of habit). And because of the glow, using highlighting creams isn’t a must. So the product definitely can cut out some steps for you.


I would have liked it better if they made a pump to go with it as it is very thin and liquidy. I’ve made a few messes and have had to try and funnel some product back in the bottle.


ANNNDDD on this corner, ALSO sitting at 1 FL OZ and 30 mL……


And here I thought all drugstore foundations were predominantly pink – NOPE. Maybelline Fit Me to the rescue! Beautiful girls who tanned a natural California bronze, had golden or neutral undertones were punished by having no options at the local drug store. Well if you’re in a bind and you’ve got $9 plus GST then BAM. My bestfriend is European and she herself finds drugstore foundations generally too pink but Maybelline Fit Me is amazing for that problem. They organize their gorgeous colors by Light, Medium, and Deep. Within them you can select your tone.

Its very, very dewy which is really nice but if dewy is not your thing you can always set it with a powder. It actually resembles the L’Oreal True Match LUMI in that way. If you have oilier skin this is not the foundation I would recommend for you but thumbs up for normal to dry. The consistency is quite watery and it takes quite some time to dry. Its not something I would recommend using with your fingers because you’d be swishing around product on your face for a while. You’d get better results placing light layers with a buffing brush.

It is a light to medium coverage foundation. If you did build it to a really full coverage (comparable to the one you get with the L’Oreal True Match), because it was so dewy it would start to look rather oily and cakey… as if it might drip off your face but again this effect can be remedied a bit with a setting powder.. but still.

Fitme copy


3 out of 5


– AMAZING color range

– Light, Dewy, natural finish


– Not as long lasting

– Watery

– Again like the L’Oreal True Match, the drugstore formulation is not ideal for sensitive areas


5 out of 5

YAY for $9!!!! Honestly I think it was one of the cheapest in the store. Meee likey.


2 out of 5

This product is amazing if you were going for that casual, gorgeous, effortless glow. Because its so dewy you wouldn’t need to fuss if you skipped your highlighting step. But because it isn’t long lasting you’d need a setting powder and spray. Again, made with no pump and this is even more watery than the L’Oreal True Match. If you had more stubborn areas on your face to cover up, you couldn’t simply just buff on more foundation onto those areas. This foundation is too thin – it would not cut it. You would 100% need a concealer.



L’Oreal True Match at 11.75 out of 15

Maybelline Fit Me at 10 out of 15



6 thoughts on “Drugstore Foundation Showdown: L’Oreal True Match VS. Maybelline Fit Me

  1. I honestly never buy drug store foundation anymore but I have heard SOOOO many good things about the loreal true match I may have to give it a try soon! 15$ isn’t too bad considering the ones I buy range from 33-50$ :/


    • Totally and I love this one the best for mixing in with my more expensive ones for when I tan or to mattify the finish a bit more. Buxom mostly because it’s so sheer and quite wet but love the color of it.


  2. They are definitely more expensive in Australia and UK but the color range is actually nicer (to me at least) because the Australian line is more golden than pink and even go under different names. Ah well you win some you lose some lol


  3. They just came out with a Fit Me Matte+ Poreless, I was previously using Loreal True Match in N3, but now I am using Fit Me Matte+ Poreless in 120, and I compared both while True Match is THE BEST for blending and I highly recommend if your doing a full contour, Fit Me Matte is my new go to it’s the same price as the original (9$) much cheaper than True Match and does an AMAZING job, it blends nicely ( can befull coverage) ( I usually just use my hands) and this one really doesn’t need extra powder (unless u prefer like I do) because it really is MATTE! 😀 Anyways try it for yourself you might actually just be swayed!


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